West Park Plaza Renovation, Billings, Montana


This project consisted of the removal of some 70,000 square feet of interior space from a 340,000 square foot enclosed shopping mall. The removed space was converted into a street/streetscape focal point with small scale shop storefronts. A general face-lift in other areas of the mall was also part of the project. Structural challenges included the fast-track nature of the project, designing for constructibility, the several vintages of original construction encountered during the demolition process, and re-support of the many beams and joists that were cut at midspan to allow the street cut. A shallow frost-protected foundation system was chosen for economy and flexibility. Lateral forces were managed with perforated shear walls on metal studs. Several new tower elements were a part of the project which were designed in structural steel with mat foundations. The project was designed by Collaborative Design Architects of Billings. It is still under construction as of January 2010 and the project cost is in the neighborhood of $8,000,000.