GE Corporate Operations Building; Billings, MT
Located in Billings, Montana, this is a 48,000 square foot steel framed office building design by A&E Architects. The building features include large expanses of access floor systems, a dramatic two story entry, and high ceiling conference spaces. Roofs are framed with exposed open-web steel joists, and a large mechanical mezzanine is framed with composite steel and concrete.
Long, narrow windows in the cut stone masonry walls dictated the use of tube-shaped long-span lintels. The lateral force resisting system consists of chevron braces of steel tubing. This project was designed on an accelerated schedule and construction was completed in 2008. LEED Certified.

Rimrock Credit Union, Billings, Montana
This 6,500 square foot building is wood-framed. The construction cost of $2,000,000 reflects a modest budget, but the building is richly detailed. A remote 1,200 square foot drive-up is also situated on the site. The structure uses wood trusses, beams, and stud walls, all supported on conventional concrete foundations. The lateral force resisting system is a combination of wood shear walls and concentric steel braces. Designed by A&E Architects, it was constructed in 2008.