The Village Downtown Lofts, Bozeman, Montana
This project was conceived as a new, more modern version of the high-end loft apartment concept being retrofitted into old industrial buildings. Designed by Thomas Bitnar, these two 5 story buildings, on the east side of Bozeman, are constructed of steel and concrete. They feature heavy, fire-resistive floors and large expanses of detailed brick masonry. The two buildings contain 85 individual residential units, totaling 140,000 square feet. They use steel columns, steel beams, and concrete & steel decks to achieve top-quality living units. The lateral force resisting systems are bolted end plate moment frames. Under the buildings is a generously-sized parking garage with individual parking spaces and storage units. The project was completed in phases beginning in 2005 and wrapping up in 2008, at a total cost of approximately $30,000,000.